Latest update from our client, Dr. Chowdhury: OCTOBER UPDATE – A RECAP OF SERVICES PROVIDED BY DR. CHOWDHURY

It’s October already, so in this month’s blog post we would like to pause for a moment and recap the full list of medical services provided by Dr. Chowdhury at his offices in Largo, Pinellas Park, Bradenton, and Lakeland. This year saw Dr. Chowdhury add stem cell treatment in Tampastem cell therapy Sarasota, as well as other forms of regenerative medicine, including regenerative medicine in Largo. These regenerative medicine treatments are in addition to the existing services offered by Dr. Chowdhury, such as his accident clinic in largo.

Recap – what services does Dr. Chowdhury provide?

  1. Regenerative Medicine

The term regenerative medicine includes treatments such as stem cell therapy and PRP. Although slightly different, stem cell therapy and PRP are similar inasmuch as they both use the body’s natural healing mechanisms to heal an injury. Dr. Chowdhury and his team inject stem cells (stem cell therapy) or platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the area of injury, which promotes expedited healing of the injury in a natural way. One of the advantages of such treatment is that it is less invasive than surgery: It is a minimally invasive procedure (simply an injection) and therefore patients do not require extensive post surgical therapy.


To be specific, in terms of stem cell therapy, Dr. Chowdhury provides the following:


  1. Largo Accident Clinic

As with most forms of medicine, if a doctor specializes in it, he/she usually gets better and subsequently obtains superior patient outcomes. The same is true of personal injury and auto injuries. For example, the injuries resulting from car accidents are often fairly similar (e.g. whiplash, neck/spine injuries, etc). If a patient sustains an auto injury in Largo, then a Largo car accident doctor is well position both in terms of geography and experience to treat such injuries. As with any injury, the doctor also needs experience with objectively determining the cause of injury and treatment requirements. You may also be interested in reading our previous blog article about how to choose a good Largo accident clinic.


3. Spinal Procedures and injections

As it is well known, back pain is one of the most common symptoms experienced in the USA. Work related accidents, desk-jobs, obesity, and simply imperfect posture are contributing factors to this growing phenomenon. Fortunately, there are several procedures which are available to treat such conditions. However, the exact procedure selected will depend on your specific condition. Some back complaints may need no treatment at all, whereas others may require one of the following:



4. Other Treatment Options and further information

In addition to all of the above, Dr. Chowdhury has many other treatment options available, however the choice of which depends on your exact condition and circumstances. After a careful and objective evaluation, one of the these additional treatment options may be deemed to be appropriate.


For more information about Dr. Chowdhury’s practice, please Contact Us.

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