Latest update from our client, Dr. Esobar: Pain Clinic Hollywood – 4 common myths about pain

Pain is such a common phenomenon. More and more people who suffer from it decide to browse the internet to diagnose themselves instead of “wasting their time” on seeing a physician. They usually look for the possible source of their discomfort. Compare their symptoms to those of other people’s, read about side effects, and how to treat their condition. Amazingly, although pain is a universal experience, it is greatly misinterpreted and surrounded by inaccurate beliefs. To help recognize some of those popular misconceptions, we are exposing four common myths about pain of which you should be aware.

1.   If your doctor can’t determine the cause of your pain, it means that it’s only in your head

If your physician isn’t able to determine what the source of your pain is, it doesn’t mean that the pain isn’t real or you just imagined it. There are some pain-inducing diseases which are hard to pin down. The best example is Fibromyalgia. People who suffer from it experience tenderness and pain that come and go throughout their bodies but the source of this pain remains unknown.

2.   You will get addicted to painkillers

Even though they’re in agony, some people refuse to take pain medications because of their fear of getting addicted to them. The fact is that it’s very unlikely that a patient will be addicted to painkillers when they take the medication according to the physician’s prescription. That’s why it’s so important to consult a pain management doctor before getting any painkillers. The physicians in our pain clinic in Hollywood will advise you what is the right dose as well as the right amount of time you should continue taking it. Nevertheless, the human body can indeed become dependent on pain medication which in effect will give patients withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the drug abruptly.

3.  Ignoring the pain will make it go away

Waiting until the ongoing pain goes away by itself is not the smartest approach. Ignoring your pain may lead to serious health consequences. There are many reasons why you experience pain. It might be a sign of degenerative changes happening in your body or an underlying disease. If you experience any sort of pain for over a week or two, you should immediately schedule an appointment with a pain management physician who will find the cause of your pain and help you treat it.

4.   You shouldn’t exercise when you have chronic pain

That is another terrible myth which a lot of people buy into. They believe that if they feel pain, the only logical solution to get rid of it is to entirely stop being physically active. By lying in bed, you may actually worsen your pain. It’s crucial to stay active. Flexibility exercises or strengthening will help you ease the pain you experience. Also promote your body to release endorphins which also have pain-relieving qualities. Often physical therapy is recommended for patients with chronic pain. At our pain clinic in Hollywood, we will advise you what’s the best exercise program for your specific condition.

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Remember that although you can find credible information online, there are also a lot of misconceptions and myths about pain. We strongly encourage you to visit our pain clinic in Hollywood. You will get a professional opinion on the source of your pain instead of looking for an answer on the internet. Understanding the real causes of your pain can speed up the treatment and help you get back on your feet sooner. If you or someone you know is suffering from pain, call us today to make an appointment, or visit our website where you can find out even more about the services we provide.

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