Latest update from our client, Knee Pain Now: Guardian Knee Brace – Your knees are more important to your health than you ever thought!

Did you know that your knee is the largest joint in the human body? It is also considered the most complicated one. It’s main function is to enable hinge and rotating movements as the connection between the upper and lower leg. What it basically means is that - not only can we bend the lower leg backward - but we can also rotate the lower leg and foot towards the upper leg. With the Guardian Knee Brace for arthritis you can rest assured your knees are receiving the best possible support to help them serve you better and longer, especially if you suffer from knee pain caused by knee joint arthritis.

Guardian Knee Brace - What makes your knees so prone to injuries?

Walking, running, climbing, dancing, kneeling or squatting — these are the everyday challenges we all put our knees through. Our knees bear the brunt of every move we make throughout our lives - the more weight they have to carry, the more strenuous it becomes for them. Particular challenges are presented for the knee joint function: it must be fairly flexible while walking and bending and, at the same time, it is supposed to offer us great stability while standing up. Knees are bound by a complicated system of ligaments, muscle, tendons and cartilage - the extent of their construction complexity makes them highly prone to injury. The condition of your knees also deteriorates with age and can be exacerbated by conditions such as arthritis. This is when the Guardian Knee Brace comes in extremely handy!

Guardian Knee Brace - What causes knee pain?

In general, knee pain occurs when the cartilage that covers and acts as a cushion inside the joint, wears out, and thus causes the bones to rub against each other. You never think about it if your knees are healthy, but if you ever suffered from a knee pain you were quick to realize knees in good condition can make all the difference between a comfortable life and a painful existence.


Knee pain is often a consequence of heavy stress on the knee joint or if one of the many components of the knee joint is injured, inflamed or irritated, such as bones, cartilage, menisci, cruciate ligaments, collateral ligaments and the knee cap. Sport activities, such as running, playing soccer or skiing are particularly heavy on one’s knee joints, especially if a person is carrying a few extra pounds of body mass. At a certain age, the cartilage can be damaged due to chronic wear and tear - and that’s when we speak of knee joint arthritis. If you suffer from a knee joint arthritis contact us today or learn more about the Guardian Rehabilitator arthritis knee brace).

How to ensure knee health? Guardian Knee Brace has the answer

Exercise is important even when you have severe arthritis. If you suffer from knee pain, try stationary cycling, walking, swimming and gentle yoga, instead of high impact exercise. Static strengthening exercises for quadriceps, hamstring muscles, and knee range movements are recommended. Diet is also important, even though it may not have a direct effect on your joints. But weight reduction does! Have a well balanced diet rich in nutrients, avoid sugars that may increase inflammation, and ensure you get your recommended daily intake of calcium and Vitamin D to help combat osteoporosis. It is also recommended to take protein supplements to strengthen cartilage.

Guardian Knee Brace is the best available remedy for knee pain caused by knee joint arthritis

Traditional knee braces provide little or no support and protection, resulting in weakening of the affected knee and hip. There is no clinical evidence to support that current functional knee braces have the ability to strengthen the weakened leg during brace use.


The Guardian knee brace for arthritis is in a league of its own. The Guardian knee brace for arthritis is the only brace clinically proven to be more effective than exercise alone to delay the progression of osteoarthritis. Improvement can be seen in as little as 90 days. Your Guardian REHABILITATOR Brace may be covered by your insurance. Visit our website and find out more!

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