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When you think of plastic surgeon, your first thoughts are probably about nose jobs, face lifts, and breast augmentation. Perhaps the last thing on your mind is that plastic surgeons can – and do – help with workers’ compensation cases. Believe it or not, plastic surgeons are increasingly requested to assist with work comp claims in several ways. This article will talk you through 3 of them.

  • Cuts / lacerations

Let’s imagine a postal worker who gets bitten by a dog which is a little too keen on protecting his owner’s property. Or a kitchen chef cutting his hand while chopping vegetables. Both of these examples would be considered work related injuries, as they happened while the employees were performing their jobs. Depending on the depth of the bite and cut, they may both leave permanent scarring. But should the employee have to endure this visual reminder for the rest of their lives? According to most workers’ compensation adjusters, the medical costs of removal of scarring – which was sustained during work – are covered. But who can remove this scarring? Yes, you guessed it – workers compensation plastic surgeons…. to read the full article visit Dr. Zaydon website here.