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A lot has been said about pain management, including pain management in Aventura. Today we present effective remedies for chronic pain that you can try at home. Those techniques can be a potent tool that ease pain and complement the therapy ordered by your pain management doctor in Aventura. Never forget to consult with your physician which home remedies are most suitable for your condition!

Movement-Based Therapies you can try at home.

Physical exercises, if performed correctly can ease musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, and lower-back pain simply by strengthening muscles supporting joints, improving alignment, and releasing endorphins that are known to be natural painkillers. Always consult with your pain management doctor in Aventura which of the physical exercises will be most beneficial for your particular condition:

  1. Yoga – an Indian practice of meditative stretching and posing which originated in India. It may seem easy to perform the asanas and particular poses but in fact it takes years to master them.
  2. Pilates – a resistance regimen that strengthens core muscles. Includes elements of yoga and active stretching.
  3. Tai chi – a slow, flowing practice that improves balance, originated in China
  4. Feldenkrais – it is an interesting therapy that aims at building efficiency of movement

Nutritional and Herbal Remedies:

Food choices and dietary supplements (ask your doc before using supplements) are an important part of your…. to read the full article visit Dr. Escobar website here. Click here to read latest blog posts from Red Castle Services

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