latest update from our clients

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latest update from our clients

1. Reduce stress. Pain management in Plant City starts here.

We often ignore that fact that the body and mind work as an integral whole. Unfortunately, negative feelings like depression, anxiety, stress, and anger can significantly increase the body’s sensitivity to pain. Learn how to take control of stress and you will be amazed what relief from chronic pain you will find. Start with listening to soothing, calming music which will surely lift your mood.

2. Practice deep breathing or meditation

It is known that relaxation is crucial for effective pain management, so if you’re looking for the best forms of natural pain management in Plant City this is where you should start. Deep breathing in conjunction with meditation are the two amazing techniques to instantly ease your pain. There are many ways to meditate, but the best one is that one which works for you. It is important to focus on the breath, accept the world as it is and look beyond the stresses of everyday life, and allow yourself a moment of true dissociation from the outside world. You deserve it! If you have never meditated before – don’t worry. It is a skill that anyone can master at their own pace and style.

3. Try acupuncture – an effective way of pain management in Plant City

Acupuncture is a low-cost treatment option with very few side effects and definitely makes sense to consider using it as an alternative for Western Medicine. It is especially effective as a pain management solution when it comes to chronic pain-related ailments for which Western medicine often relies on painkillers which treat the symptoms but not the cause. We have previously written many useful articles about acupuncture in Plant City – they are easily accessible on our blog!

4. Move your body! Natural endorphins from exercise are potent painkillers

We don’t have to convince anyone how vital it is to set up a sport routine. Apart from boosting your metabolism, controlling your sugar levels, keeping your body in shape and obvious cardiovascular gains, physical activity is also beneficial…. to read the full article visit Dr. Edgemon website here.

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