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Stem cell therapy Tampa – What is stem cell therapy? How does stem cell therapy help to heal injuries?

Stem cell therapy is increasingly used in the treatment of injuries and is said to increase the speed at which the body naturally heals. But how does it work? Susanti Chowdhury M.D. – a leading interventional pain management doctor in Tampa and the surrounding area – sheds some light on the properties of stem cell therapy and the benefits it brings to patients.

Stem cell therapy Tampa – What is stem therapy?

In order to understand stem cell therapy, you have to first understand what a stem cell is. Stem cells can be considered to be ‘special’ cells in the sense that they are able to become any type of other cell. This makes them very versatile. For example, if the body needs to replace injured tissue at the site of an injury or wound, then having more stem cells available would enable it to create and rebuild the tissue by turning stem cells into the required cells. Stem cell therapy, therefore, is when we intervene to deliberately increase the number of stem cells at the area of injury. This is often done in the form of injection – first stem cells are collected into a concentrated amount – then injected into the site of injury, thus increasing the concentration of stem cells in that area.

How does cell therapy help to heal injuries?

As mentioned above, stem cells can turn into whatever type of cell the body requires. Therefore, by injecting stem cells into the area of injury, the body has more…. Click here to read our latest updates

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