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Physician Pharmacy Dispensing Georgia – what are the advantages of physician pharmacy dispensing?

Physician pharmacy dispensing has been around for many years now. It’s now no surprise to patients that they can pick up their pharmacy prescriptions directly from the doctor’s office, instead of having to drive to a different location. In fact, many patients now frequently have this expectation. So what exactly are the advantages of physician pharmacy dispensing – including physician pharmacy dispensing in Georgia?

Physician pharmacy dispensing in Georgia is convenient and leads to higher compliance rates

Let’s face it – everyone is busy these days – including patients. They do not want to be forced to drive to a different location to pick up their prescription medications. In fact, asking patients to do this is more likely to lead to a lower compliance rate. Doctors should make it as easy and convenient as possible for patients to take their medications, so as to ensure the highest possible compliance rate. By providing the prescription directly at the doctor’s office, the patient then has no excuse, as the medication was physically handed to the patient before they left the office. But why do compliance rates matter? They matter because if patients are more compliant, it leads to better outcomes. Better outcomes means healthier people and lower future costs to healthcare.

Better monitoring and oversight

Doctors and primary care providers are best placed to oversee patients’ health. Therefore, it makes sense that…. to read the full article visit FCHS website here.

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