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Doctors are people too: Interview with Dr. Escobar – Pain Management Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, & Aventura

latest update from our clientsLuis Escobar, M.D., providing pain management in Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Aventura, was recently interviewed with David DiPino on AMP2TV. During the interview, Dr. Escobar explains how he became interested in interventional pain management. He also elaborates on some of the procedures offered at his offices, including stem cell therapy (offered at all 3 of his locations: Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Aventura). He explains how stem cells can be found all over the body, but the stem cells are most commonly gathered from the pelvis or bone marrow. These stem cells are harvested, then used in the treatment of injuries. “The patient comes to the office, has already been evaluated and we have identified the injured area. Stem cells are then harvested. We then take the patient to the procedure room, where special equipment is used to inject the stem cells into the exact area of need.” This expedites healing. The great thing is that it uses the body’s own natural healing process. In this respect, stem cell therapy can be considered to be a natural form of treatment. Plus it has obvious advantages over more invasive procedures (surgery etc). Listen to the full interview now. Or click here to Contact Dr. Escobar. Contact Redcastle Services today and see what we have to offer. latest update from our clientsRead more about Medical SEO. Read our latest blog post about Medical SEO Services for Doctors For more info about Medical Website design 3 simple ways to increase online referrals for physician practices SEO For Doctors SEO Case Study

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