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Addiction occurs when a person comes to depend on a substance – such as drugs or alcohol – and regularly overuses it. There is a stigma around addiction that often prevents people from getting proper help. Embarrassment, humiliation, despair – these are often daily feelings for people struggling with addiction. But developing an addiction is easier than we think and, contrary to popular misconception, it has nothing to do with a strong will (or the lack thereof). If you are currently looking for ways to fight your addiction, you have come to the right place. Our detox clinic in Brooksville is a place where you can detoxify your body in a safe and comfortable environment. This is a judgment-free zone, so you can forget about the shame and focus solely on your healing. In our detox clinic in Hernando County, we work with patients with alcohol and/or opioid addiction. We believe that each patient is different, so we take an individualized approach to each and every person visiting our practice. Dr. Eyad Alsabbagh, as a Board Certified Interventional Pain Management Physician, is experienced in the field of pain management and addiction. Our detox clinic in Brooksville is equipped with the necessary facilities and staff to treat people who are suffering from addiction.


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