Latest update from our client, Genlife about WHY A FRACTURE WON’T HEAL AND HOW STEM CELL PROLOTHERAPY CAN HELP

A broken bone or fracture normally heals without problems while in treatment. Usually, new bone tissues form and reconnect in the weeks and months following the doctor’s alignment and stabilization of the broken bone.

However, there are cases where the bones fail to produce new bone tissues that delay healing. Unhealed fractures are medically termed as nonunion or delayed union.

According to the journal Acta Orthopaedica, some nine percent of young and middle-aged adults have a high risk for nonunion, particularly for tibial (shinbone) and clavicular (collarbone) fracture. This may happen because the bone fragments that are supposed to heal do not receive sufficient blood supply and the nutrients needed for bone repair.

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Why a Fracture Won’t Heal and How Stem Cell Prolotherapy Can Help


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