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Rehabilitation begins immediately following an elbow fracture surgery. As soon as you return to your hospital room, medical staff members attending to your needs will try to relax the muscles of your recovering elbow.

You will be required to wear a splint to support your arm for at least a week since the surgical wounds need to heal. When necessary, you can take pain medications or apply a cold compress (ice packs) to manage the swelling and pain post-surgery.

You’ll need to have sessions with a physical therapist. At Hands On Therapy Clinic and physical therapy in Doral, expert physical therapists will assist and teach you some rehabilitation exercises, which will help speed up your recovery.

What to do once you get discharged from the hospital

Depending on the doctor’s evaluation, you could be discharged from the hospital two to three days after the surgery. Before you leave, however, your sutures and bandages will be removed and cleaned while the nurse will give you and your carer instructions on how to clean it at home.

Cleaning the surgical wounds must be done with care and presence of mind since one to three percent of surgeries can develop surgical site infections. Millions of dollars have been spent on unnecessary treatments of complications post-surgery, which often starts with an infection.

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