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Hand pain and numbness driving you crazy because you always have to find someone else to open things for you? Not only does carpal tunnel syndrome wake you up at night, but it also makes your hands feel tired and “old”. It makes it hard for you to open bottles or containers by yourself. Amongst a host of other things that we can use our hands for. 

“This is just what happens when you get old”. NOT TRUE! 


I want to encourage you NOT to make that assumption. Aging is a fact of life. No one can get around it. But pain and numbness of your hands does not have to come with age and should not be a symptom of aging!


It is one of the main assumptions that I hear people tend to make which leaves us stuck having to suffer from indecision longer than necessary. 

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Hand Problems Making It Hard For You To Open Containers By Yourself?