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If you struggle to sleep through the night, keep reading. This one change could actually help you sleep through the night.

I have a friend and client (let’s call her Jessica) who for the past several months would tell me how she has poor sleeping pattern. Meaning, she just can’t sleep through the night. She relates it to stress. Too much on her mind.

She has come to the clinic in the past for hand pain, elbow pain, even back pain. Yet, when it came to helping her with her sleeping, she didn’t think that therapy would or could actually help.

I only tell that part, because I know that most people often think of coming to occupational therapy or physical therapy when they have a great deal of pain or surgery.

If I may challenge you though. You don’t have to wait to be in pain to get our help.

We have an extra set of eyes that can see what you can’t see. We also have strategies based on what you tell us your difficulties are and knowledge base to help you specifically to help improve how you live.

Jessica was getting increasingly frustrated that even with a new bed, dark curtains, and exercise – that she was still struggling to sleep through the night.

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How Making One Change Can Help You Sleep Through The Night