Latest update from our client, Hands on Therapy about How occupational therapy can help after a wrist fracture.

As an occupational therapist with a hand therapy clinic in Miami, wrist fractures are a common diagnosis that I treat.  Anything that is near the wrist, people call a wrist injury.  But you actually have 8 small wrist bones and then 2 longer forearm bones called the radius and the ulna that make up your “wrist”.  Today, I want to talk about fractures to the distal radius.

What to know about a distal radius fracture?

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Fractures to the distal radius can occur when you fall on an outstretched hand.  It is pretty much about the angel and force of the fall.  The broken area can get swollen really fast and it can look deformed.

Sometimes, people think just because the fingers can move that the wrist is not broken (one of my patients told me that last week….that’s why I mention it).  If you are not sure, go to the doctor, urgent care, or emergency room and get an x-ray.  Most of the time there’s a lot of pain and there is limited motion due to the break.

How bad the break is determines what happens next.

Most of the time (but don’t quote me on this…) if you go the ER or urgent care center, they will x-ray you, then place you in a protective splint.  Then you are instructed to follow up with an orthopedic/hand doctor.

If your bone is broken in a few pieces but is non-displaced, meaning the bones for the most part are still sitting together.  If they can keep it stable, you may be placed in a cast, and follow up in a month.

If your bone is broken in several pieces to many pieces and is displaced, meaning there is a lot of space between the pieces, you may need surgery.

There are a lot of scenarios (I am just giving you two simple ones) and some options that your doctor can give you and you must decide what is right for you.


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How occupational therapy can help after a wrist fracture.


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