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Falls are a growing problem. Oftentimes a fall causes functional impairments, increased pain, decreased activity, and reduced quality of life. Reports show that falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), accounting for more than 49% of TBIs among children, and 81% among adults aged over 64 years. Falls also contribute to about 31% of all spinal cord related injuries and are the leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits for older adults.

Considering that around 50% of older adults do not resume independent living after sustaining an injury in a fall, it is crucial to seek post-acute rehabilitation after a fall occurs. We never plan for falls to happen and even more so we cannot predict their severity. Therefore, at Neulife Rehabilitation we believe prevention is key, and today we will talk more about just that!

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Fall Prevention Guidance from a Physical Therapist