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The outcome of your TBI rehabilitation depends on many factors – the initial diagnosis and prognosis, your rehabilitation team and plan, as well as individual abilities – before and after the catastrophic event.

However, what some patients and healthcare professionals can forget, is that the TBI victims themselves have an amazing impact on the TBI rehabilitation outcome. Here are 5 tips on how to maximize your recovery from a traumatic brain injury, stroke or other types of brain injury.


People react to a catastrophe in many ways. It is natural to lose hope, or fall into despair for some time in this challenging time. But, those who do the best in rehab usually will see negative situations as an opportunity to grow and develop.

When you can spend less time and energy on looking back and dwelling on the past and focus your energy on looking forward to building your future, life WILL get better.

The time of recovery can be an opportunity to get to know yourself in a new light. To redefine your life and yourself. By doing that, you may find new kinds of satisfaction and a new sense of purpose in your life.

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