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Rehabilitation is an important opportunity for people suffering from various neurological disorders, being the effect of illnesses or injuries that impair our nervous system. It brightens the quality of patients’ lives and, most importantly, gives hope for unaided functioning. It is widely acknowledged that efficient neurological rehabilitation, coupled with personalized physiotherapy techniques, has a direct and indisputable impact on health state improvement.


According to (NIH) National Institute of Health’s experts, if promptly and adequately nursed, nervous tissue has the ability to regenerate, reorganize, and exhibit new potential. That is where physiotherapy enters into the equation. It stimulates the nervous system and in this way enables it to create new neural cell-cell junctions. From a neural perspective, only an individualized approach to treatment, combined with well-rounded medical care, offers the potential for maximum recovery. Therefore, patients or their families looking for professional help after any neuro-related disorders like stroke, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis (MS), require a comprehensive overview of many different aspects and factors that can affect the progress.

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