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A herniated disc, also called bulging, protruding or ruptured disc is one of the conditions that cause pain to any part of the spine, but it is most common in the lower back and can also occur in the neck. Discs are part of the spine, described as round and flat, with a tough outer layer and covered with a jelly-like material. Each disc is located between vertebrae and functions as a shock absorber for the spinal bones, especially when you run or walk.

A Disc that is ruptured is usually displaced and, since there is only limited space in the spinal canal, it presses on the spinal nerves, which causes chronic to severe pain in the lower back or in any area of the spine. Most herniated disc cases don’t require surgery and can be resolved within a few months with proper treatment.  

Aventura pain management has listed the vital information you need to know about a herniated disc such as causes, symptoms, risk factors, treatment, and prevention tips.

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