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When we were kids, art time was often the best part of grammar school. You can rarely find kids who don’t enjoy coloring, drawing, painting, and cutting-and-pasting–it was fun, relaxing, and homework was enjoyable. Besides that, you get the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands! It appears that drawing shouldn’t be an activity for kids only; making art works as a powerful tool for adults to help manage stress and pain. Generally called art therapy, drawing and painting are believed to have a positive effect on the human mind, concentration, and emotional well-being. Now, it’s also argued to be able to help people in pain.

Dr. Escobar, a pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines, says that although making art will not be able to replace medication or physical therapy, it can be used as a complementary technique which helps to modify person’s response to pain. Such type of therapy works as meditation, distracting people from pain and thus assisting in managing the anxiety and stress which often accompanies pain.

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