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Chronic pain is a common condition that can change the normal course of your life.  In fact, it is considered as the major cause of physical dysfunction and lifetime discomfort. The cause of pain may be an injured joint, degenerative ailments, such as osteoarthritis and many other conditions. In most cases, chronic pain can be treated with invasive treatment methods and less effective cortisone shots. However, these days, regenerative medicine offers a treatment solution that is non-invasive and provides lasting results.

Regenerative medicine is a branch of functional medicine that involves the use of your own body tissues, such as blood platelets, adipose tissues and stem cells, to help repair and heal injuries or degenerative ailments like arthritis. Through the use of medical technology, a certain cell type will be harvested from a patient’s body and processed to make it into a solution. After which, the solution will be injected into the affected area to promote healing.

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