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lorida is a state with a lot of car crashes and, unfortunately, the number of fatalities in Florida auto accidents is increasing every year. Of course, most traffic collisions are not dangerous – or so it seems. Most of the time, people involved in car accidents don’t seek medical attention right away, but this is a huge mistake. Waiting is never a good idea when it comes to an auto accident. The best advice from our car accident doctor in Brooksville is to see a doctor within 72 hours of a collision – the sooner, the better.

Whether the crash seemed serious or not, you might not feel pain at first as a result of the adrenaline, a hormone which can trick you into feeling no pain after a car accident. However, even if you don’t have serious injuries and pain is not felt the first day, your symptoms may be delayed. Some injuries have no immediate symptoms, yet after a week or two, you will realize that something is definitely wrong and medical attention is necessary.

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How soon should you see a doctor after a car accident?


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