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The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that your child has a well-child check at regular intervals. As part of this, and beginning at age three, pediatricians recommend a comprehensive eye exam at visits. It may even be recommended sooner if there are concerns with the development of your child’s eyes. The American Optometric Association goes even further – suggesting that  infants have their first eye exam between 6 months and one year, with their next screening at age 3. Then, once your child turns 5, your child should have an eye exam yearly.

Ok, so perhaps you already knew that your child needs an eye exam every year and you already understand the importance of screening for any changes in their vision. But have you ever wondered what else your pediatric eye doctor does during an eye exam? In this blog post, we aim to give you an overview of a number of pediatric eye disorders which they screen for during a check-up.

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What You Need To Know About Pediatric Eye Exams