Latest update from our client, Pinnacle Orthopaedics about Flexor Tendon Injuries: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Tendons refer to a strong, cord-like tissue that attaches the muscles to the bones. When you move, your muscles contract, allowing the tendons to pull the bone structure and facilitate motion. One specific example of a tendon muscle that you use to accomplish day-to-day tasks is called flexor tendons.

The flexor tendon system connects your forearm muscles to the bones of your thumb and fingers. These long tendons extend from the forearm's muscles into the palm side of the wrist, then connect into the bones of the fingers and thumb.

From the forearm muscles, the flexor tendons run through a tight tunnel in the wrist called the tendon sheath. This protects the flexor tendon's structure while securing its attachment to the bones.

Despite their protective sheath, flexor tendons can still sustain damages since they lie just underneath the skin of your fingers. Read on below as our leading hand doctor discusses flexor tendon injuries, their causes, and treatment options.

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