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Weak ankles can contribute to a range of health issues from poor arch support. These can rigger painful episodes on the feet and legs, to arthritis, frequent trips and falls, or sprains and fractures.

Our foot doctor in Raleigh tries to raise the public’s awareness on the health risks of weak ankles. This is because a person with weak ankles can be prone to physical injuries that make performing simple daily tasks like walking, running or jumping a lot more challenging.

Whether you’re doing low, or high-intensity movements, you are placing stress around your feet and it’s your ankles that bear most of this stress. Did you know that 40 percent of injuries among athletes involves the ankles? Our orthopedic foot doctor in Raleigh has dealt with many sports-related ankle injuries. Some of these are severe enough that they significantly affect the athlete’s career.

Ankle weakness is more common than you think. However, this condition can be corrected with the right exercises to strengthen this part of the body. Qualified foot surgeons in Raleighrecommend the following exercises to strengthen your ankles. When these exercises are regularly done, the muscles, bones, and ligaments in the ankles become more stable.

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