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Physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment and shows a lot of benefits when compared to surgery. As a matter of fact, it has helped many people of all ages who experienced different health conditions, ailments or injuries.

The conditions commonly treated with physical therapy are known to limit regular activities and decrease the normal function of the body. But given that fact that physical therapy has not always been the primary treatment option for most patients, more often than not people choose surgery over physical therapy.

The common belief is that going through a surgery provides faster results and is more effective in treating health problems. Even so, primary health care doctors often refer their patients to a physical therapist as an initial treatment against the problem because it is cited to be a conservative approach in managing different types of conditions.

Moreover, physical therapy has a number of benefits that make it more effective than other treatment options.

Below are the top 7 benefits of physical therapy in Raleigh  that you should know about: