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You got tested and now you need CPAP. Oh boy. Everyone you’ve talked to seemed to like CPAP but you’re NOT a fan. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Expectations

It takes time to adapt, usually about 2-3 weeks. If sleepiness was not your primary issue then CPAP is likely not going to help with feeling more awake. Most patients who ‘love’ CPAP are those who initially had sleepiness as a complaint. Your physician may have insisted you get tested due to other medical conditions that can worsen when sleep apnea is not treated. If sleepiness led you to get tested, then using it throughout your night (more than 7 hours for the average adult) will help.

  • Adapting

The idea of strapping a mask on your face before sleep is a turnoff. Some people take to it well, while many others struggle, especially in the first few weeks. Short term use of sleep aids (sleeping pills) for 3-4 weeks may help with acclimatization to the mask etc.