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A sore knee is an all-too-familiar feeling for many of us. It can be caused by aging, the heavy lifting you do at work, or your vigorous football training. Fortunately, this kind of discomfort does not usually point to a serious condition and may be relieved with rest and other home remedies.

But if your knees start to get hurt frequently and persistently, and do not get better with rest, you may be developing a disorder called arthritis.

Knee arthritis refers to a progressive and degenerative disease that affects the knee joints. It is characterized by the gradual wearing down of the cartilages in the knees, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness. As the disease progress over time, it may cause the bones to rub against each other during movement, causing damage and bone spurs.

As of late, science has yet to discover a definite cure for arthritis. However, there are many scientifically proven ways to help ease your pain and get your body moving again. This includes the following:

How to Treat and Manage My Knee Arthritis


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