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Brooksville Urgent Care – 3 good practices to keep your heart healthy

According to recent study, cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death. To make matters worse, it is believed that about 2,150 people die of heart-related problems EVERYDAY, which equates to one every 40 seconds1. Those are some horrifying statistics. The good news is, there are things you can do to keep your heart healthy and avoid becoming one of the 85,6 million Americans who live with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke2. Keep reading to find out the 3 good practices to keep your heart healthy, suggested by our Brooksville Urgent Care specialists.

1. Watch your diet

Making healthy food choices is the best thing you can do to keep your heart in good shape. With the food industry trying to cut corners and cut costs, eating healthy is becoming more and more challenging. Reading labels on the products you buy and the ability to decipher harmful substances that are put into processed foods is a must. Avoid sugar and trans fats, but do not exclude fat from your diet altogether. This is a common mistake many people make, but good fats, such as omega 3, can actually help prevent cardiovascular disease. You will find them in nuts, seeds and oily fish such as tuna or salmon.

2. Get enough sleep

This seems like an obvious one, yet so many people ignore their bodies’ need for rest. Depending on the lifestyle you maintain, you need between… to read the full article visit Lifeguard Urgent Care Brooksville website here.

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