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Acupuncture Orlando  – 10 myths about acupuncture finally debunked.

Today we continue clarifying myths and misconceptions about acupuncture to allow our Patients to see acupuncture therapy for what it really is – an effective and safe way of treating many diseases in a bio-friendly and cost-effective way. Below you will find the next 5 myths about acupuncture. If you missed the first part of this article click here or visit us on

Myth 5: A typical acupuncture session in Orlando involves using between a dozen to a few dozen needles at once.

The Truth:

If the diagnosis is made correctly, only as few as 4-6 needles may be necessary to receive a therapeutic effect from your acupuncture session. It is said that the real acupuncture masters can achieve the best results using only one needle inserted precisely in the correct acupoint.

Myth 6: Acupuncture treatment is very painful.

The Truth:

Acupuncture treatment, if performed by an experienced acupuncturist – such as Dr. Chetin – a qualified provider of acupuncture in Orlando – should not be painful nor should it cause discomfort. The treatment brings best results when the patient is relaxed. However, every single patient displays different sensitivity to the treatment. Individual reactions and sensations during the session depend on the patient’s pain threshold as well as on the location of the acupoints…. to read the full article visit Medica Vita website here

Dr. Andriy Chetin is a leading Orlando Acupuncturist, experienced in bringing relief and freedom from pain to his patients. We invite you to find out more about natural medicine therapies by exploring our website or contacting Dr. Andriy Chetin directly.

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