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Why should we create medical blogs for doctors and medical practices?

Creating a medical blog for your practice’s website has a number of benefits.

First and foremost, a blog can be used to present your doctors and practice as the authority and experts about your specialty.

For example, if you are an orthopedic specialist, you can use a blog to be seen as an industry leader and specialist of your specialty – the person people come to for guidance, advance, and information about orthopedics in your area. A blog is also often the first point of contact a prospective patient has with your practice.

It can make a great first impression, presenting you as an expert who is in a position to answer their questions and bring them back to full health.

Secondly, using our medical blogging services in collaboration with social media marketing and SEO services will make your medical practice easy to find online not only for your local target audience but also globally!

Not only will it highly increase your online image and reputation, but it will also increase the number of your inbound and outbound links. These links are one of the factors used in Google’s algorithm to determine how high you rank on Google searches.

If combined effectively with social media, your medical blog content can be spread across the net to reach a huge number of prospective patients, plus simultaneously improves your Google Rankings and your website’s attractiveness and visibility for your targeted local population.

There's no better time to start your medical blog than now - chances are, your colleagues (and your competition) already have one. Contact Red Castle Services and see how we can get you set up!

Still unconvinced about whether your medical practice needs better content or not?

Here are 4 Medical Content Writing Statistics which may change your mind!

Relevant medical content will boost your Search Engine Optimization rankings

How does Google determine which websites appear highest on search results? One of the most important factors in Google’s algorithm is the relevance, frequency, and popularity of ONLINE CONTENT. The key words here are ‘online content’, because that is exactly what a blog is. It is a venue for you (or your online marketing agency) to create carefully worded – and interesting – content which not only includes the keywords you’re targeting (e.g. orthopedic surgeon Miami), but also interesting content which readers are encouraged to share.

Another important thing for creating a blog post is the use of images. Blog posts with appropriate images perform better in search engines. They also help conversion rates and improve the overall user experience of the viewers.Therefore it is crucial to find the legally-safe source of photos for blogs and websites, such as

A blog page can provide interesting content for patients browsing your website

If your prospective patients like what they read, they may be tempted to share it on social media platforms – or simply share it by the old-fashioned way – word-of-mouth. Regardless, both ways are good for business. It is making your practice the focus of attention and conversation. In an increasingly competitive and crowded market place, it’s important that the content your practice creates is relevant and interesting to its audience.

Linking your website's medical content to Social Media Platforms increases your outreach

of your website and directing traffic to your website. One of the benefits of modern technology is the ease and speed with which information can be shared. We’ve all heard the buzz word ‘viral marketing’ and it’s also something within the reach of physician practices. All it takes is to create very interesting and ‘clickable’ content which people want to share. Sounds easy, right? It’s actually harder than it looks – and it’s a very crowded marketplace – so working with a professional agency like Red Castle Services can help increase your chances of success and being seen and heard online.

The quality medical content can be used to present your Physicians and Practice as the authority on certain topics.

Having your own blog is a great opportunity to present your medical practice as the authority on its specialty in your area. By becoming the source of news and educational content and opinion, you position yourself as a leader within your field. The long-term strategy is that patients and the general public start to come to you the next time they have a question about your specialty in your area.

Let's start creating medical blogs.

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