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We talk about it again, and again and again – Medical SEO is the best way for doctors to start receiving more online referrals. So why are we all of the sudden talking about blogging? Well, Medical Blogging is actually an important part of the Medical SEO and digital marketing strategies. There are many advantages of creating a professional-looking blog for a medical practice – better SEO, improved online reputation, AND more online exposure via social media. Yes, it does take quite a lot of time to write, optimize, post, and spread it all over the place – social media, patient’s forums, etc. This doesn’t seem like an effective use of time for a busy busy doctor. And you’re right – it is not, because Red Castle Services is doing it all for the doctor.

How can Medical Blogging lead to more online patient referrals for your practice?

1. A blog is used to present you as the authority and an expert about your specialty.

Patients love searching the internet for medical advice. They are more likely to make an appointment at your practice if they see you have an established authority online. Here are just a few samples blog posts, written by Red Castle Services for doctors of different specialties, that achieved just that:

2. Medical Blogging, as part of Medical SEO marketing strategies, will make your practice easier to find online

So in addition to increasing your online image and reputation, a blog can also boost the number of inbound and outbound links, which are are believed to be one of the factors which Google takes into consideration when deciding how high up to position your website on patients’ searches. A good-quality article spread all over social media can even go viral, which means you get the incredible opportunity to reach a huge number of potential patients. Red Castle Services takes care of managing the social media platforms for their clients – we create and manage them, plus make sure your number of followers keeps on growing.


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