A Message from our Friends at HelpSquad: "Put Your Patients and Your Practice First with Affordable, Effective Communications Support from HelpSquad"

High-value, patient-centered care is your bottom-line—and ours.  HelpSquad gives you affordable, effective professional communications support that puts your patients and your practice first.


With a busy healthcare practice, your day is focused on seeing and helping each of your patients.  Throughout the day, your staff is juggling the intake, administration, checkout, and follow-up that guarantees your patients are getting friendly, professional service during their experience with your practice. But what about when your practice is busy—or after hours?


Does your digital growth strategy include Live Chat?


Your website is the first place your patients go to learn about your services, your practice, and how they might feel about going to your office.  Even when a patient is coming to you as a referral, your website is the first opportunity you have to welcome new or returning patients, offer information, and help them feel comfortable with your practice—and ultimately, your services.


When you add interactivity to your website, you affordably improve your patient service, ease the stress on your office staff, and boost the conversion of leads to new patients.  What are we talking about when we say “interactivity?”


HelpSquad is a cost-effective, professional Live Chat service that connects patients with your practice in a friendly, informative way.  Here is how it works for you:


    • We help you serve your patients:  HelpSquad is a 24/7 website concierge service that provides information and communications coverage to your medical practice whenever you choose during any day.  When new or returning patients visit your website, they are welcomed by a Help Squad Live Chat agent.
    • Trained professionals:  At HelpSquad, we take pride in the high-value service we provide.  The HelpSquad Live Chat agents that serve your medical office are trained on your practice, your tone and aims, and the messaging you develop around your patient services.  We offer a seamless, professional extension of the personal care your patients receive when they contact one of your office staff.
    • Maximize your website investment:  Your website is a primary portal for the conversion of interested leads to new patients.  When a potential patient visits your site, but is unable to find the information they need, they click away.  No one stays long in an office or store where they cannot find someone to help them.  Put your website to use by populating the site with the information and helpful staff your patients want.
    • Personal welcome and instant communication:  With HelpSquad, our professional team offers your visitors a personal welcome.  Profiles tell our agents whether the visitor is a new lead, or a returning patient.  The LiveHelpNow platform collects information on where the visitor is located, what search engine or media campaign referred them to your site, and collects information from any open social media accounts. Use this information and chat transcripts to fine tune your marketing and patient support efforts.


  • Compliant and affordable:  HelpSquad is a scalable, professional service that is truly affordable.  If you need extra help any time, our agents can automatically respond to your patients through online Chat, mobile, or SMS texting.  Our platform is HIPAA compliant, ensuring the confidentiality and data protection that is essential in the healthcare field.  In client development, appointment scheduling, and patient service, HelpSquad pays for itself, with no need for you to hire and train more personnel to respond to patients, convert leads, and market your practice.



HelpSquad creates a dynamic presence on your website, delivering friendly personal service to each of your visitors, answering questions, and providing information specifically developed for your medical practice.  We give your patients the same responsive, informed answers and peace of mind about their medical care as they would receive from your office—saving you money and developing your patient base at the same time.


Provide 24/7 support to your patients, and cost-effective service to your practice
When you want to provide excellent customer service and maximize the profit you can earn from your website, we are here to help.  Contact HelpSquad today and check out a 14 day free trial to learn how you can help your clients and boost your bottom line at the same time.

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