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Believe it or not, pain can be a good thing. It is considered a protective mechanism and the primary reason for its occurrence is to raise awareness of tissue damage that is occurring (or may occur, if no preventive action is taken). Previous experience with a particular type of pain helps us avoid potentially harmful events in the future; our bodies “remember” pain from previous events and respond in a way to minimize the negative effects. Interestingly, pain perception can be modified and depends on your attitude towards it and towards the emotions we associate with a painful event. For example, the fear of re-experiencing painful stimuli may heighten the perceived pain, while other situations – like competitions – may reduce the perception of pain. However, not all pain comes from physical injury. Have you ever wondered why we feel pain unrelated to traumatic events? What role does the brain play in the process of feeling pain? How can we make the pain go away for good? Regenerative medicine has the answer: stem cell therapy in Miami


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Why do we feel pain when there’s no injury?

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