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Accidents happen every day. Some people slip on a wet floor, and fall on an outstretched hand and break their wrist; others end up twisting their ankles while trying to jump over a puddle. Some get into car collisions or simply wake up in the middle of the night with high fever. No matter what happens, getting sick or injured at some point in life is a certainty, regardless of your age, gender, or race. When you get hurt or sick, you would like to get professional help as soon as possible. However, sometimes going to the nearest hospital to seek medical attention isn’t the best option. Even if something hurts a lot, it’s worth slowing down for a minute, collecting your thoughts and then deciding which place is most appropriate for you. In today’s article, we reveal the core differences between an urgent care center and an emergency room so that next time you need to choose, you will be able to make a reasoned choice.

What are the key differences between an Urgent Care and an Emergency Room?


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