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You’ve been a safe driver for the past 10 years, you have never committed a traffic violation, and you have no points on your driver’s license. One day, as you are driving on a straight road, knowing it’s one way since you use it every morning to get to work, you step on the gas. All of a sudden, you see a car making a turn right towards you. You slam on the brakes, but it’s not enough – seconds later, you end up in a head-on collision with an inexperienced 18-year-old who missed the one-way road sign. It wasn’t your fault, but the accident happened anyway. This is just one example of thousands of car collisions that take place every day. Some are more severe than others; however, even the ones that happen while you are driving 5 miles per hour may negatively influence your health.

At our Auto Injury Clinic in Hialeah, we see patients with post-auto accident injuries every month. In today’s article, we share several of the most common motor vehicle injuries we treat at our practice.


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What are the most common motor vehicle injuries we treat at our Auto Injury Clinic in Hialeah?

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