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Parents always wish the best for their children. When our toddlers are growing up we want to make sure everything is going well to avoid problems in the future. We monitor their growth, their physical and mental development, we teach them how to eat, talk, walk, and many more. But, not often do we hear about parents teaching their children how to take proper care of their eyes and vision. And even less often we hear about parents taking preventative measures. Unfortunately, oftentimes, eyesight and eye health care are neglected and parents only act when the condition is at a more advanced stage.

Raising children, and taking care of them is difficult, if not one of the most demanding jobs out there. We understand that things get missed out and forgotten. But, don’t let it be their eye health and vision! Many conditions can only be treated at a young age, so take preventative measures now – contact us!

Our child eye ophthalmologists are experts at what they do – they are your best port of call. So, let us explain what a pediatric ophthalmologist is, and what services are offered at our practice.

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