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IV therapy or intravenous therapy, commonly referred to as a drip, works to deliver medications in a fluid form via the veins with faster results. Also known as infusion therapy, this is commonly how a ketamine medication is administered in the body before surgery to sedate a patient.

Ketamine IV therapy, however, also works to treat depression. The drug brings an antidepressant effect that could help patients manage their mental condition, especially for those with severe depression and suicidal tendencies, if other treatments no longer work.

One major issue for patients with depression is treatment resistance. According to experts in the Clinical Trials Network & Institute, more than half of patients don’t respond to standard antidepressant treatment, thus an option like ketamine IV therapy has been receiving raves. If you are curious, you can always visit Allay Health and Wellness IV lounge in Palm Beach Gardens to learn more about the procedure.

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