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At our Spring Hill Weight Loss Clinic, we have already seen many people who incorrectly associate weight loss with starvation. For these people, it is very common to try to lose weight by drastically limiting their food intake.

Unfortunately, after a few days of maintaining this new and very unhealthy pattern, the body starts to rebel. This is not surprising as the body needs calories to survive. Because of this, many fall into the yo-yo dieting trap.

If you want to lose weight, decreasing your caloric intake by half overnight is the worst strategy you can apply because no one is able to maintain such a regimen for a long period of time. 

Your body will simply make it impossible. Not only will you not lose any weight — worse, your body will store the fat in case of ‘emergency’ (the emergency being not having enough energy to go on). As a result, you will feel miserable throughout this ordeal you’re putting yourself through.

If you’d like to lose weight in a healthy and effective way, read on to get a couple of tips from our nutritionist in Spring Hill, FL – Susan.

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