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Spinal Stenosis occurs when the small canal in the spinal cord compresses and narrows thus causing pain, numbness or tingling in the neck, lower back or legs. This condition may be the result of a complication from osteoarthritis. However, spinal stenosis may also occur because of a spinal injury, abnormal growth or tumor within the spinal cord, or the thickening of the ligaments.

People over 50 years old are at risk for spinal stenosis. The pain could be disabling and could eventually lead to muscle weakness and loss of leg strength when left unmanaged or treated. The earlier you seek treatment from reputable pain clinics such as Coastal Pain Medicine pain management in Broward county, the better the outcome would be.

According to Rheumatology, spinal stenosis has no known cure. But while it can slowly progress, the patient can take some steps to manage to live with spinal stenosis.

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