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In our previous article, our spine surgeon in Boynton Beach – Dr. Matthew Hepler explained how knees are linked to your spine and presented the first two of four signs that your knee pain may be caused by your spine. Today we will focus on  the other two signs.

4 signs your knee pain comes from your spine

3. Bunion formation

We know that it may be surprising for you as it’s hard to see any connection between bunions and spine. You may ask, how do bunions have an impact on your back or knee? However, bunions may be a consequence of back problems. Moreover, if you experience bunions and back problems, then there is a high chance of knee pain. How does it happen? A back problem can cause the stabilizing foot muscles to weaken and create bunions. The L5 spinal nerve travels to the muscles that support the inside of the foot, while the S1 nerve travels to the muscles that help support the outside of the foot.

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