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Menstrual cramps, which is medically termed as dysmenorrhea, affects an astounding  95 percent of women who have monthly periods, according to the journal Human Reproductive Update. Also known as period pain, this level of discomfort varies from the annoying to severely painful, which could disrupt a woman’s activities.

The causes of menstrual cramps are different with every woman. Some may experience this pain without any underlying conditions (primary dysmenorrhea) while others have dysmenorrhea due to health issues like endometriosisuterine fibroids, or pelvic inflammatory disease.

A few ways of getting relief from menstrual cramps include taking pain medications, using hormonal birth control pills, exercises, a hot bath, or rest. If your menstrual cramps happen every monthly period and can interfere with work, social activities and daily routines, then a visit to an acupuncturist might help.

In fact, there are already several scientific studies that recognize the benefits of acupuncture in relieving menstrual cramps.

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