News just in from our client, Hands on Therapy about Neck pain not going away? Here’s why…

We are glued to technology all day every day. Whether you are texting, scrolling, or sitting at your desk at work, chances are that you are hunched over…looking down.

We are talking about becoming hunchbacked (which I jokingly call hunchback of Notre Dame’s).

A hunchback, also known as Kyphosis, is an excessive curvature of the spine resulting in rounded shoulders and a forward neck. It is not always as dramatic as the movie depicts; it may even go unnoticed when it is in the early stages.

No one wants to look deformed and correcting our posture is the best way to start. 

There has been a term called “tech neck” that has been floating around for a while. I’m sure you can imagine what that implies – being on your phone or computer all day. It may sound silly, but it can begin to negatively affect your everyday life. It can cause headaches, stiff neck, pain in between the shoulder blades, and numbness in your hands.

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Neck pain not going away?  Here’s why…


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