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Ever wonder why you have shoulder pain after pregnancy?

Pregnancy is such an exciting time for most women!  Hopefully the morning sickness and all that passes and you get to enjoy the changes that your body goes through.  And of course it’s amazing after when you have your baby right?

Though pregnancy can be great, it can wreak havoc on your body during and even after pregnancy.

Some of the changes…just to name a few you experience are:

  • Weight gain – I definitely had this and a lot of it!
  • Swelling – my body just retained all the water it could everywhere!
  • Loose ligaments – your body produces extra hormones (like you need any more right?!?) to help your body get ready for childbirth. It doesn’t discriminate where it goes, it just affects the whole body.

Now….every women’s experience are different.  But I’m going to be speaking to those moms that have a LOT of trouble after pregnancies with their shoulders. If you don’t have problems with your shoulders….then you are the lucky one.

Not all of us are that lucky.  I had problems with my right shoulder after BOTH my kids were born.  Both my pregnancies were different, but funny enough….not my shoulder pain.

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Wonder why you have shoulder pain after pregnancy?