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When a loved one has a brain injury, it comes with a flood of emotions for the family member who takes on the new role of ‘caregiver’. It is normal to feel relief that the patient survived the cause of the injury. But it is also normal to simultaneously feel a sense of emotional trauma or anger with the subsequent change to their personal circumstances and lifestyle. After brain injury, caregivers often face a number of new financial, physical, and emotional implications.

Neurological rehab professionals understand the challenges caregivers face when there is a brain injury. Through education and collaboration, TBI rehab centers can be a wonderful source for families to best care for themselves and the patient.

Understanding Grief When there is a Brain Injury

Grief can come in many forms when there is a brain injury. Many caregivers experience loss and anxiety, which often lasts long after the injury has occurred.

Caregivers may worry about another brain injury event, injury if they leave their loved one alone, and wonder if things will ever return to “normal.”

There may be grief that life is not the same as it was before. It is not unusual to experience anger of loss of freedom as time and energy must shift to care for their loved one.

It is important to understand there is hope, and as the patient moves along their recovery journey, life does improve.

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