News just in from our client, Neulife Rehab about Left Side Brain Damage: What to Expect During the Recovery Process

Left-side brain damage can be a life-altering event, impacting various aspects of cognition and function. This blog will delve into the recovery process, offering insights and guidance for those on this challenging journey.

What is left-side brain damage?

The brain's left hemisphere plays a crucial role in controlling the right side of the body and is primarily responsible for language processing and analytical thinking. 

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When damage occurs in this region, it can lead to a variety of cognitive and motor impairments. The consequence can be diverse and may include one or more of the following:

  • Language impairments or aphasia: Difficulty in expressing thoughts through speech or writing, as well as challenges in understanding spoken or written language.
  • Motor function deficits: Difficulties in precise movements and coordination, impacting activities like writing or buttoning a shirt.
  • Cognitive challenges: Challenges in logical reasoning, problem-solving, abstract thinking, and recalling information.
  • Visual-spatial issues: Difficulty perceiving spatial relationships and recognizing objects.
  • Emotional and behavioral changes: Emotional changes and shifts in personality traits can occur due to the frustration and challenges associated with the impairment.
  • Difficulty with sequencing and planning: Challenges in organizing tasks, planning, and executing complex activities.
  • Impaired mathematical abilities: Difficulty in understanding and performing mathematical operations.
  • Changes in reading and writing ability.

 It's important to note that the effects of left-side brain damage can vary widely from person to person.

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