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The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in your body. Any major movement of the arms involves shoulder movement. If the shoulder is damaged, it can greatly limit your daily activities and affect the way you use your upper extremities.

Frozen shoulder is a self-limiting medical condition also known as adhesive capsulitis. It is characterized by thickening and tightening of the shoulder capsule so that the range of motion becomes limited. The synovial fluid, which reduces friction and lubricates the joint cartilage, also decreases and adhesions, or thick bands of tissues, develop in the shoulder.


According to our pain management doctor in Spring Hill, extreme pain and stiffness are the hallmark signs of a frozen shoulder. The condition can greatly impact the lives of patients in the working population, most especially since it commonly affects people in the working-age of 50 to 60. Approximately 2-5% of Americans are affected by this condition, with women more affected than men.

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