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In the first part of this series “Blue Light: Should I worry about it? Part 1”, we introduced blue light. It’s naturally present in sunlight, and has shorter wavelengths and more energy than the brighter colors.However, this light is not only found in sunlight.

Modern digital devices and white LEDs are also sources of blue light. Sources, such as computer monitors, flat screen LED televisions and smartphones contain a relatively small amount of blue light. Unfortunately, in today’s society it is normal to be exposed to such sources for prolonged periods of time – think: checking your emails, writing reports, or even your children playing games on a tablet. This is where problems arise. Our pediatric eye doctor understands that prolonged exposure at close proximity can lead to serious eye and vision damage, especially to children whose eyes and vision are more sensitive. With a staggering 70% of American children receiving more than 2 hours of screen time daily, this issue is hugely under-publicised.

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