News just in from our client, Pinnacle Orthopaedics about Why Are My Joints Cracking All Of A Sudden?

"Popping," "Cracking," or "Snapping" are sounds associated with joint cracking. If you notice more joint cracking then usual, it may be a symptom of another condition. Whenever you have a bothersome symptom, it is important to explore the cause before it leads to additional problems.

The good news is, usually, joint cracking is not serious. However, if it increases significantly or you have pain then it is something to explore.

Nitrogen Bubbles

Joint cracking is often an escape of air. Synovial fluid lubricates joints, and this fluid is made of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Sometimes when the joint moves, gas is released, and you hear the "popping' or "cracking' noise.

If you notice an increase in joint cracking, it is helpful to examine if anything has recently changed that is causing joint cracking.

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