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Oftentimes, we use our wrists to break a fall when we lose our balance, leading to a sprained wrist. This injury occurs when the ligaments in your hand are damaged, or torn.

Who is at Risk?

Sprained wrists are common among people who actively bend and stretch their wrists, and who are at risk of falling on the ground, such as athletes. Of all sports injuries, the hand and wrist are always involved, accounting for 3-9 percent of injuries. These sports include baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, cricket, gymnastics, skiing, tennis, and hockey.

Aside from sports activities, people who do strenuous work, such as lifting heavy objects are also at risk of wrist sprains.

Causes of a Sprained Wrist

The most common cause of sprained wrists is using your wrists to break a fall. When you fall and your wrists forcefully land on the ground, the impact can overextend, twist, and even tear your ligaments.

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